What is Ultraound?
What is Ultraound?

Since the introduction of the ultrasonic beauty instrument technology in the 80s, due to the wide treatment range, quick effect, high curative rate and easy operation, it has got a wide attention, popularization and promotion, which has made it become the most practical and popular equipment among so many beautifying devices. Specifically, its functions mainly lie in three aspects:

  1. Mechanical function

The mechanical function of the ultrasonic wave lies in the functions to soften the tissue, enhance the penetration, improve the metabolism, facilitate the blood circulation and stimulate the nervous system & cell.

  1. Warming function

The warming function of the ultrasonic wave can cause the changes of the blood vessel function and metabolic process, can strengthen the blood circulation to lower down the exciting point of the nerve, can produce the analgesic effect, as well as can relax the spastic skin and play the spasmolytic effect.

  1. Chemical function

The ultrasonic wave is featured by the functions to strengthen the catalysis and accelerate the metabolism, which can change the PH value towards the alkalinity and facilitate the medicine to permeate into the bacteria so as to improve the medicine’s sterilization ability.



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