What is function of Ultrasonic and BIO?

(1)Soften thrombus and remove red eruption;

Rectifying distorted capillary by using supersonic pulse together with ointment to activate blood circulation. The red eruption removed accordingly.

(2)Remove pimple or scar:

As the supersonic can penetrate the skin, it not only dissolves dry blood of the skin but also improves blood circulation and metabolism, thus removing color spots fast. It is recommended to use supersonic together with ointment for pimple, normally 10 times as a period treatment and every two days one time.

(3)Eliminate abnormal skin pigment:

Using supersonic together with some Chinese traditional medicine facial cream as well as high unit vitamin C could do beneficiary effect to remove pigment. It does effect by 3 times treatment and thoroughly eliminates by 10 to 40 times treatment.

(4)Eliminate pigment and hypodermic speck:

Using supersonic to damage the cell membrane of the speck and prevent it from forming shape, thus to eliminate pigment and remove the speck thoroughly along with metabolism function. As per course of treatment calculation, 10 times as a period treatment and take a break for one week before another treatment.

(5)Remove wrinkles and gore as well as lifting skin:

By using the mechanism massage function of supersonic, on one hand, it regulates the charging of the membrane of the hypodermic cell, on the other hand, it improves blood circulation and metabolism. Thus slight wrinkles, as well as gore or gloss which injured by a hard object, are removed.

(6)Remove eye bags and dark circle:

Using the mechanism massage function of the supersonic to accelerate the blood and lymph circulation, together with the warming function to dissolve fat and improve the hypodermic absorption, thus to decrease the excessive water and piled fat and finally eliminate dark circles and eye bags. Massage each eye bag tenderly for 5 minutes in the same direction of skin texture with the probe. Do not touch the eyeball directly with the probe.

(7)Soften gloss and remove acne:

Using supersonic together with ointment for acne to massage the sicken part for nearly one minute, the gloss is avoid being formed scar while the acne is healed.

(8)Cure sclerosis and snakeskin:

Using supersonic together with glycerin, liquid fungoid, or advanced lubricant to do massage to improve the symptom.

(9)Improve skin nature by massaging frequently:

It is able to remove spots or acne fast and improve the skin cortin by means of supersonic.

  • Remove granulation

Slightly contact granulation root with needle port and burn the root cell by laser electric acupuncture. The granulation will come off after around one week.

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