Towel Sterilizer
Towel Sterilizer

Towel sterilizer is made of high quality steel plate spray-painted surface, and stainless-steel into plastic materials used for cabinet inside. It adopt the microcomputer temperature control system, coming with the over heat protest equipment and automatic keep temperature system. Once it starts to work, auto-rise temperature, and when the temp.of inner kernel reaches or be near the set temperature, the program will be on the heat preservation state; when the temperature of inner kernel is under the set temperature, the system will raise temperature automatically.



  1. Put the sterilizer on a table or a stable and safe place.
  2. Please check if the voltage of machine consistent with the local voltagebefore using. Plug in.
  3. Put the clean wet towel on the shelf regularly and put into the sterilizer, close the door and press the power ON/OFF, accordingly the indicators becomes light and the machine is on work.
  4. When reach or be near the set temperature, the indicator is still light but the program into the heat preservation state; when under the set temperature, the auto-raise temperature system begins to work.


  1. When the machinestarted to work, and not reach the set temperature yet, please don’t open the door to avoid influence the sterilizer work effect.
  2. Should clip out the hot towel but not byhand directly to avoid get burn by overheating.
  3. Always pull out the plug before clean machine.
  4. Regular checks of the catchment box, to eliminate stagnant water.

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