The product of the B-8635 description
The product of the B-8635 description

The product of Radium, Diamond dermabrasion, equipped with a world-patent diamond dermabrasion tube studded with diamond particles on the end, is used to remove the necrotic cells and stratum corneum in the skin by means of friction in combination with a vacuum aspirator exercising control over the suction force. It can be used to improve the skin quality, clear up the pigmentation and acne scars, and prevent the skin from aging and harshness, etc caused by acne, age spots, and solarization.



Features of dermabrasion instrument

  1. Adjusting the skin quality and re-building healthy skin;
    Improving the piled aging cutin, harshness, and aging skin;
    3. Improving the skin wrinkle and chalodermia;
    4. Removing the skin spots;
    5. Improving the enlarged pores, acne scars, and depressed scars;
    6. Activate the blood circulation and metabolism;
    7. No stimulus, stabbing pain, and anesthesia;
    8. Suitable for all types of skins, including sensitive skin;
    9. Fix the skin in the physical and mechanical way, with easy operation, perfect safety, and reliability, without side effects;
    10. Get effect instantly;
    11. Recover rapidly, with a time period of about 5 to 7 days;
    12. No effect on the work and social intercourse aftercare;




Gentle cleaning: be sure to use gentle cleaning cream to clean the face. Don’t adopt the cleaning creams stimulative or containing grinding particles (such as fruit acid cleaning cream).

Sun prevention and moisture preserving: the skin will become sensitive like a newborn baby after the aging stratum corneum is removed. In order to provide the treated skin with the best effect, the User shall use the skincare products both in the daytime and at night to re-build the water content of the skin and take measures against sunshine

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