Super oxygen injection apparatus
Super oxygen injection apparatus

Model: M-364F

Dear users,thank you for buying this product, for ensuring optimum performance and safety, please carefully read the following instructions:

Before connecting or operating this product, please carefully read this manual, and keep it properly for reference in the future.


  1. Import the ionized essence into the germinal layer of the skin, so that the cells can fully absorb high-efficiency skin-caring components inside the essence, to promote metabolism, and achieve the effects of whitening, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle.
  2. Astringent can be sprayed in mist; it has the functions of nutrition and calming skins; accelerating blood circulation of the skin, stimulating activation of cells, so that the skin becomes more tender and smooth.

Instructions for the Operation Panel


1. Increase key of working time 2. Decrease key of working time
3. Indication lamp of standby (red) 4. Start/pause
5. Indication lamp of starting (green)

Operation Methods

  1. Connect the power supply, press “key”, the green lamp of the power supply is on; the initial time shows 30 minutes, and the red indication lamp of ON/OFF shows that the instrument is in the standby state.
  2. In the standby state, press ON/OFF, the red lamp is off and the green lamp is on, which shows that the second point at the lower right of the working time flashes in counting down, when the time becomes zero, the complete machine stops.
  3. During working, if the air pressure is large, rotate the pressure regulation valve counterclockwise, if the pressure is small, rotate the pressure regulation valve clockwise, so that the air pressure is proper!
  4. Before working, the instrument and accessories shall be connected with air tubes!

Instructions for Use

  1. If the cosmetologists wear sterilized gloves, their hands shall be washed and sterilized (simply with alcohol).
  2. Use the accessories sterilized for use.
  3. Insert the spray gun, and the gun shall be filled with proper liquid: Use of the gun shall be not aligned to eyes, prevent the liquid from entering eyes.

The connection between the Instrument and Accessories


  1. The machine shall be moved gently, it can’t be beaten in a failure state, avoid other failures caused by collision.
  2. The machine shall be moved in level, avoid vibration and collision.
  3. The machine can’t be extruded, no weight shall be placed on the machine, preventing the housing from deforming, being damaged or appearing failure.
  4. Corresponding working power supply shall be selected according to identification on the machine.
  5. The instrument can’tbe used in the bath room.
  6. In order to prevent lightening accident, in thunderstorm weather, the power supply shall be turned off, and the plug shall be pulled out.
  7. Any liquid can’t be injected into the machine, prevent damage of the machine caused by short circuit.
  8. If the machine is not used for a long time, the plug of power supply shall be pulled out of the socket.

Technical Parameters

  1. Working voltageAs label on the machine
  2. Maximum power of the complete machine30W
  3. Internal dimensions33*17*30cm



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