slimming space capsule
slimming space capsule



  1. Improve metabolism, increase cell regeneration.
    2. Discharge excessive water in body, reduce weight.
    3. Soften sells, excrete toxin.
    4. Improve body fitness, relax nerve system.




  1. Ultra infrared ray can improve blood circulation, enhance metabolism, reduce excessive body fat, improve body fitness.
    2. Reduce body energy consuption, keep body nutrition level balance.
    3.Facilitate sweat secretion, skin fat removal(replenish water is needed): it help to discharge heavy metal and toxic, metabolite in our bodies.
    4. Accelerate metabolism, strengthen utility of nutritional elements, relieving fatigue.
    5. Because ultra infrared ray produce internal heat which works on distal end of sensitive nerve, therefore, it has pain released effect on muscle pain and neuralgia also can easy relax of nerve system.

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