Sterilizer D-335
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Model: D-335

MOQ: ≥5

Warranty: One year

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Sterilizer D-335


Product Parameter


Model NO. D-335 D-339 D-336 D-336D D-336C D-336E
Volume 23L 5L 16L 32L 60L 30L
Wattage 200W 200W 200W 400W 150W 150W
Voltage 110V 220V
Frequency 50-60HZ
Temperature 80 70℃±10 60℃±10


Multi-Angle Display


Points to note on safe operation

A.When you put wet towels in a stainless steel towel rack, the towel shouldnot touch the inside or bottom of the cabinet. If the towel touches theinside of the cabinet,the towel will dry quickly or will discolor it.

B. To avoid excessive drainage,do not put wet towels in the cupboard.

When towel cabinet work, towel cabinet wall, towel.stainless steel towel rack and otheraccessories surface is very hot.When handling hot towel racks or hot towels,use protectivegloves to avoid scalding.

C.Don't put any towels in the towel cabinet overnight.Unplug when not in use.


Operation Method

A.Fold clean wet towels neatly to place them on the screen shelf in the towel cabinet andclose the cabinet door.

B.Press the power switch to the lock position.The working indicator will be on to show that the towel cabinet has started heating.

C.When the temperature in the towel cabinet reaches the set temperature,the temperaturein the cabinet will be kept automati-cally.When the temperature in the cabinet gets coolerthe heating

will be done automatically.

D.If the towel is needed to be used, turn off the towel warmer first.Be careful when openingthe door as hot steam can cause burns and scalding.Remove towels with a tweezers.


Use notice of towel warmer and maintenance requirements

1)Please read the usage manual carefully.

2)Place the towel warmer in shady, cool and dry environment.Keep away from flammable, explosive object.Assure the towel warmer is at least 30mm from the wall and all other objects

3)Please select safety and qualified sockets according to the technical parameters table.

4)Wet towels and wring them out so the towels are only partly wet.Do not use dry towels.Do not use completely wet towels.Use only damp towels.

5) Do not open the cabinet doors while the machine is on.Turn off machine before opening door.Use tweezers to remove towels to avoid scalding.

6) Do not place poisonous,flammable.explosive, evaporative chemicals into the towel warmer in order to avoid accidents and damaging of the machine.

7)Please open/close door with enough force.Do not force door.



8)If any faults or damage is found stop using the towel warmer immediately. Turn off and unplug the machine and contact a qualified repair facility.

9)Do not use acidic,alkaline, or corrosive products to clean the towel warmer.

10) Unplug the towel warmer when not in use.

11) Do not use the machine if the electric plug is damaged.

12)Keep away from children,pets,and customers For qualified techs only.


Company Introduction
Radium Beauty & Hairdressing Equipment Manufacturer (Guangzhou), established in 1993, is a professional engaged in the research, development, sale and service of Beauty Machine, Slimming Equipment, Hair Removal Machine, Spa Capsule, Salon Furniture, etc. We are located in Guangzhou with convenient transportation access. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction.
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Q1: How long is the warranty?
A1: 12 months.
Q2: What services does your company offer?
A2:Provide telephone, email, video and other multi-channel communication services to solve customer after-sales problems


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