S-850 High Speed Liposuction Equipment
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Model: S-850

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High Speed Liposuction Equipment is a high-tech slimming beauty instrument integrating 4 core technologies including 40K focused acoustic wave, RF, vacuum adsorption and BIO.

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Product Detail
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S-850 High Speed Liposuction Equipment

Product Function

1. Strong liposuction and fat removal.

By using acoustic wave head to gather strong acoustic wave and emit acoustic wave with the frequency up to 40000HZ, and after entering the human body, it can produce a strong impact action in the body fat cells and generate the movement of friction between the fat cells, thus to effectively lead to heat consumption and water consumption of cells, so that the fat cells shrink. In addition, when the acoustic wave vibrates, it can produce a strong impact in the cells, and the cells blast instantly, and the amount of fat cells is reduced, so as to achieve the effects of removing fat.

2. Dissolving fat, lymphatic detoxification, tightening skin and enhancing skin elasticity.

With the most advanced RF technique and energy RF into one equipment, it can deepen into the fat body and has excellent targeted positioning RF output, thus to produce friction heat in the cell body when the fat tissue is in quick active state, so that the local temperature rises and excess fat as well as toxins are discharged outside the body through the sweat glands, liver and lymph circulation, in order to achieve the effect of dissolving fat.

3. Improving the orange peel tissue and slimming shaping.

The corresponding acupoint in the body can be stimulated with the biological wave produced by the energy electrode of the instrument, and the fat body can be effectively stimulated under a variety of physical electronic collaboration by means of different frequencies and pulses, thus to have the body in motion, thereby re-consuming the calories and fat, in order to achieve the effect of body shaping.


Panel Schematic

Treatment tips

1.The probe must be closely contact the skin during treatment.

2.During the beautician adjusts strength, good communication with customers should be made.

3.After the completion of the operation, clean the skin with hot towels.

4.During nursing care, movement in a circle or a straight line should be made, and don’t always stay at the same place. Action should be coherent or be pulled up.


Company Introduction
Radium Beauty & Hairdressing Equipment Manufacturer (Guangzhou), established in 1993, is a professional engaged in the research, development, sale and service of Beauty Machine, Slimming Equipment, Hair Removal Machine, Spa Capsule, Salon Furniture, etc. We are located in Guangzhou with convenient transportation access. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction.
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Flow Of Production
Packing And Transportation
Q1: How long is the warranty?
A1: 12 months.
Q2: What services does your company offer?
A2:Provide telephone, email, video and other multi-channel communication services to solve customer after-sales problems


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