Picosure Laser Machine DR-019
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Model: DR-019

MOQ: ≥5

Warranty: One year

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Picosure Laser Machine DR-019



Product Parameter

1.Geometric dimensions (excluding articulated arm length×width ×height, mm) : 38 ×50 ×38 cm

2. Net weight of the machine: 25 kg; light-guiding arm: 1 kg; gross weight: 26 kg

3. Power: 800 W

4. Type of the over-current protector: 220 V, 10 A

5. Wave length of the working laser: 1064 nm; 755 mm; and 532 nm

6. Output frequency of the laser: 1-10 Hz

7. Maximum output energy of single pulse: 1064 nm (10-2000 mj); 755 mm (100-2000 mj); and 532 nm (100-1000 mj)

8. Harm distance to eyes: NOHD is 100 m, the laser can cause harm to eyes in sealed operating room, and therefore, the personnel inside it must wear safety goggles!

9. Cooling methods: Built-in closed circulation water cooling method




Treatment Principles

Picosure laser spot reducing instrument is to directly vaporize and crush the spots using its strong moment power according to the selective photothermal effect theory, and then, the spots are eliminated from the body through lymphoid tissues, such spot reducing method not generate effects on normal tissues around. In general, the spots are not resilient, but laser spot reduction method is selective.

Picosure laser spot reducing instrument can generate lasers with different wave lengths, it is mainly used for black and coffee pigment and color spots, the machine can combine the light with pigment, so that the pigment is decomposed, when the pigment is gradually absorbed by the body, color of the spots become thin. The whole operation only needs 10 minutes, no bleeding, no surgery, the spot reducing effect can be seen after the operation, and this is the most effective spot reducing method currently.

When picosure laser spot-reducing instrument is used for spot reducing, when the pigment is gradually absorbed by the body, color of the skin also becomes thin. In general, the freckle, zygomaticus nevus, chloasma hepaticum, ota nevus, senile plaque, insolation spot can be treated with laser. Tattoo and tattoo eyeline can also be eliminated by the laser.


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Radium Beauty & Hairdressing Equipment Manufacturer (Guangzhou), established in 1993, is a professional engaged in the research, development, sale and service of Beauty Machine, Slimming Equipment, Hair Removal Machine, Spa Capsule, Salon Furniture, etc. We are located in Guangzhou with convenient transportation access. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction.
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Q1: How long is the warranty?
A1: 12 months.
Q2: What services does your company offer?
A2:Provide telephone, email, video and other multi-channel communication services to solve customer after-sales problems


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