OPT Machine DR-023
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Model: DR-023

MOQ: ≥5

Warranty: One year

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OPT Machine DR-023


Ultra-perfect pulse technology, uniform and perfect pulse energy release; According to your different skin types, different lesion characteristics and different nature of the disease, intelligent choice of different wavelengths of light. The combination of light energy (IPL) + radio frequency (RF) + surface cooling and other systems have no effect on tissues and normal skin. Using the principle of selective absorption and black light absorption, precise light of a specific wavelength of light energy is preferential for diseased parts. Absorb light and float to the surface of the skin to achieve ecchymosis and hair removal. On the other hand, it can penetrate dermal collagen, stimulate collagen hyperplasia, inhibit the secretion of sebaceous glands (greas glands), increase skin elasticity, exquisiteness, eliminate fine wrinkles, etc., and at the same time shrink the pores, so that the skin from the deep texture to restore whitening and delicate. Fully dispel skin dullness, looseness, roughness, large pores and other issues, keep the skin supple and fresh for a long time, but also your natural beauty to really serve the skin rejuvenation engineering technology.


Product Parameter


Operation screen 8.0 inch true color touch screen
First pulse width 1-20ms
Number of pulses 44202
Pulse interval 1-40ms
Frequency 1,2,3.4.5
IPL energy 0-50J/cm2
Power 1600W
Spot size 12mm*30mm
Cooling system Semiconductor cooling, closed loop forced water cooling, air-cooled heat exchange
Refrigeration Level 5
Input power supply 220V,10A,50Hz


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1. Permanent hair removal: remove excess hair from limbs, armpits, thoracodorsal hair, bikini lines and other parts.

2. Scarlet blood redness: Improve redness, redness, erythema, and skin redness, rosacea and other effects.

3. Whitening and skin rejuvenation: Satisfactory yellowness, darkness, tightened pores, body whitening, etc.

4. Whitening acne: shrink pores, eliminate blackheads and acne, dilute smallpox in India, improve oil secretion.

5. Whitening: Effectively eliminate genetic pigmentation, elderly classes, sunburn and other pigments.


Company Introduction
Radium Beauty & Hairdressing Equipment Manufacturer (Guangzhou), established in 1993, is a professional engaged in the research, development, sale and service of Beauty Machine, Slimming Equipment, Hair Removal Machine, Spa Capsule, Salon Furniture, etc. We are located in Guangzhou with convenient transportation access. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction.
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Q1: How long is the warranty?
A1: 12 months.
Q2: What services does your company offer?
A2:Provide telephone, email, video and other multi-channel communication services to solve customer after-sales problems


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