Foot Massage Machine D-508B
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Model: D-508B

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Foot Massage Machine D-508B


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Brief introduction of healthy function:

It’s one of channels affluence parts in human body. There is specially appointed reflex place of everyone in the foot. If you massage and irritate your foot, it will arouse your latent function adjust advance state of body and relieve intensity of body. It can prevent and cure disease and protect healthy prolong life.

Foot massage machine was designed after making a thorough study. It is made for foot acupuncture point utility. It can remedy disease slowly, dispel fatigue, relieve neurasthenia and make all the body comfortable to prevent and delay many kinds of pain and chronic disease. ( See figure 1-function of foot acupuncture).

The world is changing into old people’s society today, the chronic disease patient and old people will be given plenty profit from foot massage machine once they have it and persist to use it.


Use direction

Using direction detail before use:

The foot massage machine is designed according the scatter of foot acupuncture and the structure of bones, it can massage every part of the foot no matter which kind of feet size.

Begin to work just move your feet on the suitable place. Under the bottom of massage machine, it is installed temperature control heat wire. It must be put water into it during usage. It can keep, warm after adjust the temperature. In order to it can work through every part of the boot. Massage machine set about 400-massage ball. User controls the massage power.


The used frequently. Especially when children beside it. Please comply with the safety measures as follow.

1.It can’t be pulled out or insert mains when the feet is dropping into water.
2.Before it is pull cut or inserted the mains, the switch must be on the position of “off”or “O”.
3.The case of cleaning the massage machine or other cases, never put the whole of it into water or other liquid.
4.Must sit down instead of standing on it and you can’t put anything in it during usage.
5.You are not going to use it, you must switch it off.
6.It the mains or plug is destroyed, do not use the massage machine. If it has been destroyed or fell down. Please check or repair it to the nearestmaintenance center.
7.Don’t pull wire when you want to move the massage machine.
8.Take care of the children when they close to the massage machine.
9.Don’t use it when you are sleeping or feel dizzy.
10.Don’t use it outdoors only plane of indoors.
11.You should stop using it when you feel uncomfortable, pain and inflamed. Stop using it or consult with your doctor if the foot swelled or inflamed or the skin of foot is injured. The machine 12.doesn’t apply to the other mains only domestic socket.
Maintain:The machine only applies in home. It hasn’t any reserve spare part inside, don’t open and fix it by yourself.

Cleaning:After using, wash the part of container with water and never put the machine into water. If you want to wash overall, you can use a wet cloth with detergent wipe the surface.

Packing:Making sure the wire has departed from socket before packing. Make the wire around on the circular wire shelf and wipe the moisture in the container, put it in dry and clean place. Don’t use the wire to hang the massage machine.

Usage:This machine must be watered before it works. Please check all the switches of it before connecting with the mains, and make sure they are on the position “O”. Don’t keep the foot in the foot basin while connected with mains, sit on a comfortable seat and put the foot on massage ball, then choose your favorable function.

E.g. heat function, massage function and heat and massage function.

Only massage: Adjust the switch to “”, you can enjoy massage.


Heat massage (Using it in the case of having water )

When you wanted to enjoy warm bubble massage, you just pour warm water in this machine; the temperature control heat wire can slow the speed of reduction of the water temperature.


Bubble heat bath ( Using it in the case of having water )

The ideal heat bath is just finished heat massage so that relaxes muscle better.


When you want to massage part of your foot you can use the big massage ball in the middle of massage machine. After finishing, please turn all the switches back to the position “off” or “O”, move your feet from massage basin and pull out the mains.


DO NOT STAND ON THE MASSAGE BASIN OR IN IT. Balance the massage basin and make sure all switches are on the position of “O”, insert plug in domestic socket (220v, 50-60HZ). Whenever, don’t put basin, don’t make the water level higher than the mark line of depth. This product only has the function of slowing the temperature drop instead of increasing. When you want to drive off moisture from basin, please drop water into bathroom or place easily drain first, and then, clean and wipe the massage basin.

The quality guarantee lasts six months.


Company Introduction
Radium Beauty & Hairdressing Equipment Manufacturer (Guangzhou), established in 1993, is a professional engaged in the research, development, sale and service of Beauty Machine, Slimming Equipment, Hair Removal Machine, Spa Capsule, Salon Furniture, etc. We are located in Guangzhou with convenient transportation access. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction.
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Q1: How long is the warranty?
A1: 12 months.
Q2: What services does your company offer?
A2:Provide telephone, email, video and other multi-channel communication services to solve customer after-sales problems


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