OPT + E Light + Laser beauty machine
 OPT + E Light + Laser beauty machine

. Product overview

OPT perfect pulse technology applies three-dimensional technology concept, i.e. energy + pulse width + pulse waveform, making the output of pulse sent out stable and uniform so as to make the hair removal fast, safe and painless, with functions of freckle removing and whitening. In particular, the use of OPT + E light + laser + ice wave face lift, namely the integration of four kinds of beauty functions, can effectively eliminate all kinds of skin pigments, and is capable of washing eyebrows, removing freckles and moles and Erb-YAG Laser skin beauty technology. Therefore, the machine has multiple and comprehensive functions.

1.1 Pox and acne removing

1.1.1. Principle

Use short-band hard light to kill propionibacterium within the acne, and utilize combination functions of red light, infrared light and radio frequency current to eliminate pigmentation while reducing sebaceous gland activity, stimulating deep collagen hyperplasia as a way to achieve a good acne removal effect.

1.1.2. Safety

As the composite energy of IPL and RF acts on different depth of skin without relying on a single energy, the safety is guaranteed.

1.2. Whitening skin, couperose and freckle removing

1.2.1. Principle

Equipment principles for pure IPL technology and the combination technology of IPL and RF are different. When the IPL technology is used only, the principle is to utilize the selective absorption pyrolysis of hemoglobin and pigment group to light, making the temperature of target tissue rise and appear necrosis to achieve the purpose of beauty without damaging normal skin tissue, especially epidermal tissue.

When the combination technology of IPL and RF is applied, the principle is to utilize the selective absorption of skin tissue to hard light to cause impedance differences of target tissue and normal skin tissue. In addition, strengthen the absorption of radio frequency current by target tissue and rely on the radio frequency to reach operation effects.

1.2.2. Safety

The applications of pure IPL technology and the combination technology of IPL and RF are safe in terms of eliminating epidermal plaques and small couperose skin, and whitening and skin rejuvenation. The pure IPL technology has few effects in the premise of ensuring safety, while IPL and RF combination technology has more obvious effects while guaranteeing safety.

1.3. Wrinkle removing and face lift

1.3.1. Principle

Adopt IPL and RF combination technology, that is, E-ray using electromagnetic waves and IPL thermal effects to provide a ideal temperature rise to stimulate the corium layer, have effect on the entire corium layer and connective tissue and stimulate collagen fibers at different depths, thus achieving the effect of removing wrinkles, face lift and non-invasive face lift.

1.3.2. Safety

As the 15MM radio frequency current penetrating subcutaneous acts on the corium layer and pose small effects on the epidermis with its main energy applied to the target tissue, the safety is high.

1.4 Permanent hair removal

1.4.1. Principle

E-light hair removal is a new long-term hair removal technology. Its principle is that filtered strong pulsed light is easily absorbed by the melanin in hair and hair follicles and converts into thermal energy which makes the temperature of hair shaft and hair follicles rise quickly. Besides, when the temperature reaches more than 60 ℃, the hair would fall off, hair follicles would suffer from denaturation, hair papilla would be damaged and gonotokont of hair would die, finally making the original hair fall off and new hair grows slowly, become sparse and light until stop growing.

1.4.2. Safety

Utilize the energy of 15 mm radio frequency based on the application of the IPL technology, directly acting on melanin cells and making the cells absorb more energy, thus having a great effect on removing small, light, even gold and white hair.



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