Luxury Photon Energy Capsule INSTRUCTION FOR USE



The photon energy capsule combines the wisdom of medical and physical electronic technologies including the chromotherapy, thermal ablative therapy, aromatherapy, and integrates the essence of traditional Chinese medicine and Western science and technology. It reduces the vast and infinite universe to a capsule where the environment can be freely under control and the people’s hearts and souls can seek the dreams and illusions without restraint. In the independent capsule, the energy, Qi and spirit of human beings are gathered together. The infrared rays produce resonance friction with the human fat cells, decompose the fat, raise slightly the temperature of the deep subcutaneous tissue. Therefore, the microvascular dilation will be increased, the blood circulation will be enhanced, and the discharge of metabolic waste oil and fat will be accelerated. As a result, it can restore the vitality of the cells, make people more energetic and increase people’s ability in immunity or resistance to the diseases. The rich anions will make you feel relaxed just as being immersed in the forest. Besides, in terms of skin beauty, it can deeply clean the skin and pores, and strengthen the deep penetration and absorption of weight loss and body beauty products, to help you achieve the goals of whitening, moisturizing, increasing skin elasticity and preventing the wrinkles from deepening; In terms of health care, it can accelerate the absorption of health care products, relieve the soreness of the muscle, reduce the pressure, and have auxiliary health care effect against the symptoms of rheumatism, gout and so on.



Thermal ablative therapy: the infrared light wave will act on the subcutaneous fat to promote the combination of fat and oxygen (i.e. to burn the fat and excrete the liquefied fat together with the sweat. If it is used for 20-30 minutes, 600 calories will be consumed, which is equivalent to the sweat quantity to be excreted by the long-distance running of 10,000 meters. The temperature in the capsule will reach 90 degrees, which can promote the lymphatic circulation and eliminate toxins and excess water in the body.) It's clinically proven to have the auxiliary effect on the arthritis and internal rheumatism.

Chromotherapy: by the new chromotherapy, it will emit color light waves through the unique light sources, which can strengthen the metabolism of human cells, cure and improve different skin problems.

Aromatherapy: put the plant essential oil with different efficacy into the essential oil releasing mouth, the essence can be taken into the internal organs by inhalation for a therapeutic effect of body, heart and spirit.

Ozone sterilization system: it can deeply clean the pores and remove all kinds of harmful heavy metals in the body.

Musicotherapy: the capsule is equipped with MP3 device to play music for relaxing the brain, relieving your fatigue, and restoring the energy.



  1. Turn on the power switch by the "POWER" button
  2. Press the "SELECT" button and select the upper or lower cabins at the same time.
  3. The temperature of the upper or lower cabin is generally adjusted to 75 ℃ - 90 ℃, subject to the temperature which is suitable.
  4. Adjust the time, generally it is 30 minutes.
  5. Press the "START" to start the product and the temperature of the inner cabin will be displayed.
  6. Start the ozone for 5-10 minutes. (please turn on the ozone separately for 15 minutes to disinfect the cabin thoroughly after each work).
  7. Turn off the "POWER" button before turning off the power switch.



What is the infrared light?

Answer: The infrared light is a kind of electromagnetic wave. Scientific research shows that among the solar energy only the invisible infrared light, accounting for 60% of the total solar energy, is beneficial to the human body, that is, the electromagnetic radiation wave with the wavelength of 0.75 ~ 1,000um, while the far infrared light refers to the infrared light with the wavelength of 3 ~ 1,000um. Modern scientific research has proved that the human body can not only emit the infrared light, but also absorb it. The absorption of the infrared light by human body has three peaks, which are at the approximate wavelength of 1.2, 5.6 and 9.8um. There are five far-infrared radiation sources set in the Royal Aromatherapy Red Infrared Health Spa Capsule. The far infrared radiator coated with trace elements and manufactured by special technology is used to emit the far infrared light with wavelength of 3 ~ 15um. It filters out the far infrared light with wavelength of 0.9 ~ 1.8um, which is harmful to human eyes. All the light energies can be fully absorbed by human body and penetrate through the skin, joints and various organs of human body. After absorbing these energies, the human cells will resonate with them. The temperature of the deep subcutaneous tissue will be risen, thus promoting the blood circulation, regulating the viscera, accelerating the metabolism to prevent diseases. It also has the functions of regulating the balance of yin and yang of the body, improving your look and helping to lose weight.

Why does the infrared light make people freel warm?

Answer: There will be a kind of resonance vibration caused by the constant stretch of various molecules after the irradiation of infrared light, and the vibration will create the origin of friction heat. The far infrared light is characterized by its high wavelength and strong penetration. The previous warm stimulation can only reach 0.5cm of the skin. However, the infrared light can help the warm stimulation reach more than 10cm under the epidermis, so you can feel the warmth from the bottom of the heart.


What is the relationship between the far infrared light and the health?

  1. The far infrared light has the function of promoting blood circulation and metabolism.
  2. The far infrared light has the analgesia function - it acts on the end of the sensory nerve by heating to produce the analgesic effect.

What's the physiological effects of the far infrared light?

It can enhance the physiological redox reaction - reduce the accumulation of excess fat and improve the body condition.

Heat preservation effect - saving the energy consumption and maintaining the physical fitness. Exercise can help to lose weight, but it will consume the energy. The physiological effect of the far infrared light activate the cells without consuming the energy. It can even create abundant energy for you!

It can promote the perspiration and the exclusion of subcutaneous fat (pay attention to supplement water), and can eliminate the heavy metals, the toxins and deposited waste in the body.

It can activate the physiological function and intensify the hormone and the enzyme.

It can enhance the vitality, accelerate the metabolism, strengthen the use of nutrients, and eliminate the fatigue.

It is a physical therapy for the muscular and nervous diseases, eliminating the liver tension and inexplicable pain.

It can stop the development of the cancer cells.

It has the functions of analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

It has the function of regeneration.





Dear customers, thank you for having chosen our SPA product. To ensure the correct use of the product, extend its service life and guarantee the personal safety, please pay attention to the following matters:

This machine is a high-tech product, which is forbidden to disassemble the main machine without permission. The installation of this machine must be carried out by qualified technician in the correct way. Our factory will not bear any responsibilities for the incorrect installation and use.

The plug with leakage protection shall be connected to the single-phase power socket with control switch. Special attention should be given to ensure that the grounding facilities are effective and meet the national safety standards. The power plug, socket and switch shall be far away from the water source (the power end must be equipped with 20A ~ 30A leakage switch).

If it is found that the power supply is blocked, check the fuse first to see if it is in good condition. If it is burned, replace it with a fuse of the same coefficient.

After each use, be sure to press the "POWER" button to turn off the power.

Please make sure that the current output of the socket of the machine is at least 15A; otherwise, the machine cannot be started under small current.

The machine should be kept away from water, fire, moisture, interference sources, and should be protected from corrosion.

Remember to add the essential oil before opening the dry sauna to avoid being scalded.

The main function of ozone is to disinfect and sterilize. The smell of the ozone is unpleasant, so please use it properly. The recommended time doesn't exceed 20 minutes.

To prolong the service life of this machine, please avoid long time continuous operation. It is recommended that the interval between each use be at least 5 minutes.


The persons with the following symptoms shouldn't use the machine:

Patients with acute illness, hypertension, abnormal blood pressure, infectious diseases, malignant tumor, heart disease; patients who have undergone plastic surgery, pregnant women, patients with bleeding or hemophilia, patients with bone fractures, women in menstrual period, patients with sensory disturbance, and patients with telangiectasia.

Long term chronic patients should consult a doctor before using it.

Don't use it for children under the age of 12.

If you feel abnormal, please stop using immediately and consult your doctor.



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