How to use needle-free mesontherapy beauty equipment
  1. Project Origin

The traditional beautification treatment involves a series of micro needle injections with 8-10 weeks required to adapt the adipose layer. Because of the pain and discomfort of needle movement, the abandonment rate of patients is as high as 80 – 90%, preventing it from becoming a widely used method of treatment. The no-wound treatment meter adopted the latest "water electrophoresis” and “aquaporins” technology to induce various types of active ingredient to the mesoderm, thus completely realizing needle-less, wound-less, pain-less method to replace the traditional “injection beautification treatment”.

“No-wound beautification treatment” relies on electroporation, electrostatic repulsion, mechanic pressure and Ph-value gradient as the theoretical basis, through the inducing of large quantities of active ingredient into the skin tissues, the treatment achieves the best beautification effect such as wrinkle reducing, pigmentation removal and whitening, collagen improvement, fat-dissolving and weight losing etc. The electro therapy induce technology is currently very popular in countries and areas including US, Italy and Taiwan etc.


  1. Work Principle

With water electrophoresis technology, the skin dissociates 100,000 beautification treatment pores in just one square centimeter at each moment. The active ingredient will reach the subcutaneous tissue and mesoderm through mechanic pressure and direct permeability. The epicyte is penetrated and sufficiently absorbss nutrient with the help of corium awakening technology. Only 35 minutes is needed to rapidly transform active ingredient into high concentrated active substance to reach the deep cortex. The active ingredient will stay in the lymphatic system for as long as 24 hours. Refrigerating technology will rapidly seal and sooth the beautification pore right after product absorption. The procedure is painless, woundless and without any side effect.


  1. Major Feature

Advanced technology: Unique 3M water electrophoresis static repulsion channel protein inducing technology and corium awakening absorption. The effect works as deep as 8cm into the subcutaneous tissue.

Significant treatment effect: Superior to any current inducing or injection technology.

Wound-free and safe: Truly wound-free beautification, no after-treatment bruise or swells, no side effect at all, does not enter blood circulation system or cause any damage to organs.

Customer comfort: Pain-free treatment from the beginning to end, customers will enjoy the beautification procedure peacefully.

Fast treatment: Each treatment consumes 35 minutes, it is truly fast treatment.

Treatment efficacy: 6000 times that of ordinary beautification active ingredient absorption treatment.

Wide range of application: Suitable for men, women aged between 20 – 55; based on different age and skin quality, different mode and energy is selected.

Simultaneous operation: 2 customers may enjoy the treatment at the same time using different functions.

Fashion concept: A treatment that Hollywood stars try first!

  1. Operation Steps and Functions
  • Work principle of corium beautification: Since the introduction of ultrasonicbeauty instrument into the beauty industry in the 1980’s, it’s wide range of treatment, fast efficacy, high healing rate and simple operation has made it widely received, used and promoted, it has became the most practical and welcomed equipment among many beautification equipment.

The function of ultrasonic beauty instrument mainly includes 3 aspects:

  1. Mechanic function

The mechanic function of ultrasonic waves softens tissue, increases permeability, improves metabolism, boosts blood circulation, stimulates nerve system and cell etc.

  1. Warming function

The warming function of ultrasonic waves causes changes in the blood vessel function and metabolism process. Blood circulation is boosted and nerve excitation is reduced, thus working as pain reducer, it also relax spastic muscle fibers and help to remove the spasm.

  1. Chemical function

The ultrasonic waves are able to strengthen and boost metabolism. It causes Ph value to turn alkalinity, this helps the medication to enter bacteria easier and increase the disinfection function of medication.




  • Work principle of corium charging: The micro electro terminal simulate the cell biological electric charge when the corium cells are most active, the magnetism source will create powerful biological magnetism to charge the awakened cells while adapting cell magnetism field so that the corium cell vitality is heightened, at the same time, the treatment stimulates faster cell reproduction and cell division, and lengthens the vitality of cell. (Recommendedtime of use: 7 minutes).
  • Work principle of refrigerating charging: Unique quantum ultimate speed refrigerating matrix scan technology, capable of sending the minus 1 –12 ultra low temperature generated by the refrigerating source to the skin stratum basale in the form of ions, so that the collagen fiber and collagenocyte that has restored elasticity and replenished with effective electric charge will begin cold contraction, meanwhile the air induce microtubules will shut down instantly (recommended time of use: 8 minutes).
  • Work principle of electrophoresis induce:

With water electrophoresis terminal at work, 100,000 inducible beautification pores per square cm are generated instantly. This enables the active ingredient to permeate directly into subcutaneous tissue. With the catalyst function of infrared rays, the active ingredient will reach all the way to the mesoderm and boost metabolism with biological electric current, permeate into cells and achieve comprehensive inducing (recommended time of use: 10 minutes).

  1. Equipment Operation Notice
  2. Before start-up, please check to make sure there isno external damage to the equipment, and no button is loose.
  3. After confirmation, connect the power and turn on the power switch, the equipment enters standby mode.
  4. Plug in the equipment accessories and check that the connection is correct.
  5. Mount the corresponding accessories on their operational position and check to see if the connection is well plugged in.
  6. Press start-up/pause button, after start-up, the time display will start to flash seconds and time.
  7. Choose corresponding function and requirement mode, the level of energy must be set according to the comfort of thecustomer.
  8. After the operation, take off corresponding accessories, clean them and shut down the power.
  9. After the customers finished treatment, please stay in the lied down position for 5 more minutes.
  10. Without permission, please do not dismount the machine on your own.
  11. The freezing lever will stop working automatically after working for 8 minutes;it is suggested to wait 10 minutes before starting again to avoid scalding accident.
  12. When mounting and dismounting the glass bottle of the electrophoresis energy inducer, please note to screw in and out so as to ensure its sealing effect.
  13. Different lever works for different control button, only the electrophoresis energy inducer terminal and the arc stick are used together, the otherlevers are exclusive, customers will hold the arc stick while the beautician hold the electrophoresis energy inducer terminal.


  1. Unsuitable Users

When using the equipment, please pay attention to following matters:

(People listed below please acquire instruction and advice from professionals)

(1) Inflammation patient;

(2) Heart disease patient (Especially users of pacemaker);

(3) Pregnant woman;

(4) Epilepsy patient;

(5) Patient with contagious disease;

(6) Severe red blood streak patient;

(7) Women during menstruation period.




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