Galvanic Instrument


  1. Function:
    1. To thoroughly get rid of all dirt, impurities fat from the deep pores of the skin.
    2. Nourish skin and improve skin conditions


  1. Instruction:
    1. Put the negative iron bar into the hand of client.
    2. Dip proper Gal-out medicine water with a small blade make-up cotton and stick to the roll gear of the Gal-bar, coinstantaneous spread proper Gal-out medicine water on the client’s face.
    3. Place the Gal-bar on the client’s forehead, press the button to “+” mark and turn on power, the machine is ready for Gal-out work.
    4. It will take 4-6 minutes operating time.
    5. The Gal-in operation is same as the Gal-out operation. (note: Gal-in operating should press the button to “-” mark.).
    6. After over the operation, first turn off power then remove the G-al-bar from the client’s face.

  1. Caution:
    1. Remove all the decorations on body before operation.
    2. If used Gal-in/out medicine water has a mark to show its polarity, should obey to operate.
    3. When operate face, keep the energy lever with 1 MA currency (light becomes green.).
    4. In the operation, if the client has gently sting feeling, it is normal.
    5. To the sensitive skin, re-do Gal-in operation again with using distilled water to calm skin.
    6. After over the operation, used electrodes should be cleaned and dry storage.


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