Read the instructions before using


Ionized vapors contains much active gases, enable to accelerate blood circulation, Supply Water and Nutrition in Cells, It moisturizes the skin and has sterilization function. Hot vapor is emitted and distributed on the clean skin that can open the pore. Softening keratin, handy for follow-up maintenance work, Such as move the blackhead, exfoliation, steaming before making a mask can effectively absorb the nutrition in the mask, and the heat steam has very good whitening effect.

How to use:

(1) Lifting and lowering adjusting knob (C) as needed, fit in the water cup (E) and twist the adjusting screw of the water cup, and inject clean distilled water or mineral water into the water cup (E) through the water injecting port (D), but not beyond the upper limit of water level.

(2) Plug the power plug into the corresponding voltage socket and press the spray port to the outside of the body. (B) Red power indicator lights up, heating filament of water cup begins to get heated, press green button and the ultraviolet lamp UV lamp tube lights up, now that the ultraviolet light has been in working position, it can sterilize, provide live oxygen ions.

(3) Add the essense oil to cotton pad for nice smell and skin care (G).

(4) If the water level in the water cup drops to the lower limit water level, it will automatically cut off the power and issue a "beep beep" alarm sound, turn off the red switch (B), wait about 1 minute after adding water, turn on the red switch (B)to continue working;

(5) If the water level of the water cup falls to the lower limit, the power will be cut off automatically, and the work will be continued after adding water.;

(6) Time and distance reference of apply


[1] The spray mouth must completely spray the fog before it can be sprayed to the customer's face. It is strictly forbidden to spray to the human body prematurely when the gas is not properly sprayed;

[2] Spray holes can not directly turn to the nostrils of customers.

[3] Spray time should not be too long, in case of skin dehydration.

[4] No spray for sensitive skin. (UV)

[5] Beaker water level should not be too high, otherwise it will produce spray phenomenon and hurt customers.

[6] Do not exceed 25 minutes for one-time continuous use. Please pay attention to clean the cup after use;

[7] If scale is found on the heater, soak the heating pipe with dilute acetic acid for 5 minutes, which can prevent scale formation and prolong the service life of the heating pipe.


Maintenance for the sprayer:

⑵ Clean the beaker twice a week

⑵ Turn off the sprayer and add water when water is added every time.

⑶ The lowest water level should not be lower than heating element.

⑷ Wipe the fuselage with a dry cloth every day. Turn off the switch and cut off the power supply after using it.


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