1. Function:

Vapor and Sterilize skin

The vapor steam consists of rich and various active hydronium ion, can stimulate blood circulation and supply the water element in the cells, nourish and moisten the skin, coinstantaneous can sterilizer skin, when massage to use it can get perfect effect.


  1. Structure:

  1. Instruction:
  2. Dip distilled water into water glass through water mouth but don’t over the water upper mark line always.
  3. Set the TIMER to the operating time want.
  4. Press VAPOR switch then the indicator lights,and the machine is ready for work.
  5. Press OZONE switch then the indicator lights,ozone function is ready for work.
  6. When the water in the water glass is under the water low mark line, and the machine will cut off the power automatic, after water 5 minutes later, the machine can continue work.
  7. Machine should be put a suitable place where the vapor steam can freely blow from client’s chin to each part of face.
  8. The machine should keep earth well.


  1. Caution:
  2. Only when the machine can spray out vapor steam well, the operation begins.
  3. Don’t over 25 minutes every operation, after over the operation, clean water glass always.
  4. If found the deposit on the heating element, dip the heating element in the vinegar acid 5 minutes and can remove it to avoid the deposit growing and prolong the heating element use.


  1. Operating Time Table

Skin conditions Space Operating time
Oily, Poor blood circulation 20 cm 15 minutes
Normal 25 cm 10 minutes
Sensitive, Dry 30 cm 5 minutes
Telangiectasis, Ozone-violet Dermatisis 30 cm 5 minutes


  1. Specification:

Model No. Volt. Power Hz. Temp. Size G.W.
F-901 110/220V 750W 50/60Hz. 5-40ºC 93*33*28cm 8.5kg

7.In order to prevent the heating wires from borning,the timecontrol’s scope of this epuipment’s timer is between 0~60 minutes,can’t ever open.

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