Brief Introduction on Components


1). round components

A) Component 212 with dimension 3/inch, on which can make a massage to the sensitive

parts of grown-up persons.

B) Component 229 with dimension 6 inches, on which can use berth or latex directly

and not easy to destroy, It is mainly used to massage on the back, thigh, and thighs.


#212 #229



2) Components 230 and 231 are mostly useful, which can make a massage on the body and

also can make a massage on the rear back and pushing fatness as well.

#230 thighs and arms(soft poultice) #231 thighs and arms (close handle)


3) ball-form component

A.omponent 216 is used for the deep massage on the thigh, rear back, which is mainly

used by deporters or the persons with strong muscle.

B.The usage method of Component 222 is the same as Component 216. It is easier

used to massage on back columniation since it is more shallow. Also, it is more simple to operate on small since these balls can drop into skins and the ellipsoid connected with balls can be put on columniation.

(hand part) #216


Page 2:

Feet bottom, palm stimulate the four limbs blood liquid circulating. It is most effective when releasing muscles.

(point part)



5) tine head components 225 and 226 are used for the stimulation on the surface.

Head part –small head part –big


6) Accessory

A) The cover of component 234

Suggest you use our components cover. This component cover is clean and protects the components from destroying. It can slip on clothes and towels without being.

B) Components tray


2.Brief Introduction on boards

Indicator of power source

Switch of power source and time controller


(the installment of the board is subject to practicality)


3.Machine composing and installment

1、control board 2、massage machine

3、connecting column 4、parts

5、middle tube 6、leg bracket group

7、screws of bracket fixing


Please put the leg bracket flatly on the ground according to the installment of the left drawing. When installing the electric middle tube, please release the upper/down fixing knob.

But please make sure to grasp the electroplate middle tube and adjust to the suitable place, then lock the upper/ down fixing knob. hen installing since there are some with strong power

Operation method

When necessary, first we should shake slightly, then adjust the strong degree/weak

The degree which you need. Turn right to strong and left to weak.


B)detailed operating

1.Reduce tine point

To adjust the instrument to the highest speed and grasp the component 227 with the thumb and other fingers. The tine point of component point. To use power and enlarge the power for 2—6 seconds. To repeat this process on other points but not use too much power for exceeding 10 seconds. Or it will lead to skins. Some fashion specialists cure many points one time and feel it can still stimulate partial blood circulation and increasing oxygen to get rid of the sediments.


2.bony release

To set up middle speed or high speed and choose using component 216 or 223.The four connecting points of 216 touch great space.The two connecting points of 223 touch partial space. Put the components on the boss or bony. To move up and down slowly. To catch this component at the bottom of the bony and press to let the affection extending to the leg part. It can also be used on the neighbor parts of bony to make a partial release.


3.Reduce the ache on the rear back

To set up the equipment at middle speed. To choose different components 216, 212,223, or 230 according to your needs.


4.Releasing of full body

To set up the equipment at middle speed or high speed and choose the components 230 or 212. Let customers bow sleep, Beginning from ample rootage, to leg, then to waist part. From hands to shoulders. Then put the components on bony and move up and down on back slowly. In general, the customers can be released within 2 to 5 minutes.


5.Operation on shoulders

To put the component 230 from arms to shoulders and circle shoulder arthrosis to armpit cote, then back to shoulders and rear bead. It can be used together with the process on the above deleting tine point. This process is always used for moving arms or another arthrosis in the health room


6.head parts stiff

To examine whether there is some parts to be harmed ahead of time. Do not use great power. The equipment is set up at high speed. To choose the components 230,223 or 217. Firstly use component 230 from shoulders slipping to rachis to release muscles, then use component 223. Component 217 is softer, for which only to press with slight power for 6-10 seconds.


7.Release leg parts

The instrument is set up at high speed or middle speed. To choose using the component 217 or 210. To let customers bow sleep using the component 230 together. Beginning from feet, bend the feet tine and lean against the components.

If customers are afraid of itch. When the massage on feet is finished, to make an affection on feet face, feet, then to legs with the component 230 or 210, circling

knee then to the thigh.



To adjust to middle speed or high speed. Besides selecting the components for massage on legs parts, add the components 227 or 222.

The first step is the same as the massage on leg parts. Only it is not affected on knees. We can release the calf, then the thigh.

Secondly, to affect knees with components 227 or 222. Notice not touch bones.



To set up low speed or middle speed choosing component 210. To put the finger on the customer's forehead and put the components on your hands back so as to let the affection to customers head through your hands and fingers. Do the same to customers’ ears, nose roots with the same method. Finally to slip down along with the two sides of the nose with the thumb without touching eyes.


Page 6:

5.The function of the instrument

To compress through quick shake. To shake quickly and compress the over-lef fatness

and let the over-left fatness soften quickly and draw out. To use matching with fatness cream. In the meanwhile, the massage on different points can be made to get rid of muscle acerbity and tiredness and recover a healthy body.

1)To shake and compress the fatness line quickly and let the fatness dissolved and softened quickly. Then discharge the over fatness (using matching with the reducing fatness cream.)

2)In the meanwhile, it stimulates blood circulation and blood rube. To make a shake and massage on different parts to rid of tiredness and release muscles and let the whole body feeling comfortable.

3)This equipment owns the body to clean skins. Its affection of shaking and massage can strengthen skins’


  1. Notice

1)After the components are finished, please clean and store them well. For the parts needed to be pushed to reduce fatness, the suitable components must be selected to be matched so as to get its affection.

2)During the operation, it is best the transmission shaft and the massage machine must be kept in one line. The smallest angel can not exceed 100 degrees. The operator can not make a massage to himself. To prevent the transmission shaft from bending and stop the transmission shaft from breaking. The following operation is not correct

If the transmission shaft is broken due to the above situation. It is not in the maintenance scope, please make sure to pay attention to the operation method.

The above similar style can not happen to the whole transmission shaft, please try to let the transmission shaft kept straight line or small angel working method.


Page 7:


To cut power grasping switches. Please do not pull To prevent from dropping on grounds.

power wires with hands to cut power. (incorrect)

The brief drawing of construction on head massage


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