1. Absorb Black Ache
    2. High-Frequency
    3. Facial Brush
    4. Spray
    5. Galvanic
    6. Herb Vapor
    7. Magnifying Lamp
    8. Wood Lamp

    1. Vacuum & Spray Section:
  1. Function:
  2. To thoroughly get rid of all dirt, impurities fat from the deep pores of the skin.
  3. To make the suction/spray medicine water to spray as mist to nourish and calm skin.

  1. Instruction:
  2. Connect small suction glass tube to the suction/spray hose, put the hose to the suction port of machine, press the small hole on the small glass tube, then machine is ready for suction operation.
  3. Connect spray bottles to the suction/spray hose, put the hose to the spray port of machine, press the small hole on spray bottle then the machine is ready for spray like mist.

  1. Caution:
  2. There are three types of glasses of which should be used separately according to any specific parts of the body.
  3. After over the operation, used glass tubes should be cleaned and sterilized and dry storage.


  1. High-Frequency Section:
  1. Function:
    1. Use special Ultraviolet rays intensity to treat the skin that sterilize the skin and accelerate wound healing.
    2. To get rid of spots, pigmentation, pimples and acne.


  1. Instruction:
    1. Insert the Ozone electrode into the handle and keep touch well.
    2. Connect the plug to the power outlet then turn on the machine.
    3. Turn the button of energy lever to choose appropriate level according to skin conditions and type then begin to operate.
    4. After over the operation, turn the button of energy lever to “O” mark and turn off power, pull out the electrode and clean well and dry storage.

  1. Caution:
    1. Take off all metal decorations (earrings, necklace etc.) before operation.
    2. During the operation, not to stay too long time in a treated area to avoid scars.
    3. After over the operation, used electrodes should be cleaned and dry storage.


  1. Brush Skin Section:
  1. Function:
  2. Clean face.
  3. Brush skin.
  4. Clean skin.
  5. Rub nail.


  1. Instruction:
  2. Before the operation, first vapor skin to complete clean.
  3. Use the scrubber machine to rid of all impurities in the deep pores of skin.
  4. Use distilled water to clean the treated area.


  1. Caution:
  2. Electricity is 220V/110V
  3. Insert the electricity cable into the plug then turn on the power.
  4. Start using at the smallest volume and adjust to appropriate level according to skin condition and type.
  5. Not to be used in Washroom.

  1. Galvanic Section:
  1. Function
    1. To thoroughly get rid of all dirt, impurities fat from the deep pores of the skin.
    2. Nourish skin and improve skin conditions


  1. Instruction:
    1. Put the negative iron bar into the hand of client.
    2. Dip proper Gal-out medicine water with a small blade make-up cotton and stick to the roll gear of the Gal-bar, coinstantaneous spread proper Gal-out medicine water on the client’s face.
    3. Place the Gal-bar on the client’s forehead, press the button to “+” mark and turn on power, the machine is ready for Gal-out work.
    4. It will take 4-6 minutes operating time.
    5. The Gal-in operation is same as the Gal-out operation. (Note: Gal-in operating should press the button to “-” mark.).
    6. After over the operation, first turn off power then remove the G-al-bar from the client’s face.


  1. Caution:
    1. Remove all the decorations on body before operation.
    2. If used Gal-in/out medicine water has a mark to show its polarity, should obey to operate.
    3. When operate face, keep the energy lever with 1 MA currency (light becomes green.).
    4. In the operation, if the client has gently sting feeling, it is normal.
    5. To the sensitive skin, re-do Gal-in operation again with using distilled water to calm skin.
    6. After over the operation, used electrodes should be cleaned and dry storage.

  1. Vapor Skin Section:
  1. Function:

1. Vapor and Sterilize skin

The vapor steamer consists of rich and various active hydronium ion, can stimulate blood circulation and supply the water element in the cells, nourish and moisten the skin, coinstantaneous can sterilizer skin, when massage to use it can get perfect effect.


  1. Herb vapor

Use proper herb, have a great effect to treat comedo, telangiectasis, dermatisis, whiten and nourish skin.


  1. Instruction:
  2. Open the herb cover and dip the distilled water into water glass through water mouth but don’t over the water upper mark line always. At this moment, the machine can work to operate normal vapor steam. (Note: should tight the water glass by adjust screw to avoid the vapor steam leaving out from the water glass.)
  3. Operate herb vapor, open the herb cover and put proper herb material into the filter cup and tight the herb cover.
  4. Press ON/OFF then the power indicator lights, turn on the timer then the machine is ready for work.
  5. Press ozone button then the ozone indicator lights, ozone function is ready for work.
  6. When the water in the water glass is under the water low mark line, and the machine will cut off the power automatic, after water 5 minutes later, the machine can continue work.
  7. Machine should be put a suitable place where the vapor steamer can freely blow from client’s chin to each part of face.
  8. When the timer is over, the machine stops spray vapor and returns to wait state.
  9. The machine should keep earth well.


  1. Caution:
  2. Only when the machine can spray out vapor steamer well, the operation begins.
  3. Don’t over 25 minutes use herb vapor function every operation, after over the operation, clean water glass always.
  4. When herb vapor function works, don’t coinstantaneous use Ozone function to avoid infect the herb vapor effect.
  5. in the operation, when open the herb cover, first press the button (START/PAUSE) to avoid scald by vapor steam.
  6. If found the deposit on the heating element, dip the heating element in the vinegar acid 5 minutes and can remove it to avoid the deposit growing and prolong the heating element use.


  1. Operating Time Table

Skin conditions Space Operating time
Oily, Poor blood circulation 20 cm 15 minutes
Normal 25 cm 10 minutes
Sensitive, Dry 30 cm 5 minutes
Telangectasis, Ozone-violet Dermatosis 30 cm 5 minutes



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